Thursday, November 22, 2007

Farewell: Open For Design

The past few months have been unbelievably busy with big changes, and getting settled in HK. More on that to come.

But first, Open for Design is coming to a close, with final posts up at the end of October. The link will be up till November 30th, then it's officially farewell. Check it out while you still can!

Following is a summary of my posts since the last overview.

June: Material
> You Can Take It with You - a look at paper funereal offerings in the 21st century
> Money Money Money - the evolution of money from material to virtual wealth
> Fantastic Plastic? - anti-plastic bag initiatives and having another think about whether plastic is friend or foe.
> Water, Water Everywhere - water as muse in all states of matter

July: Motion
> Call Me - mobile phones: master or servant?
> It moves, but does it move you? - tunnel ads
> Overcoming Obstacles - Australian parkour team "Trace Elements" visit Hong Kong
> Spacesuits Optional - a.k.a the 250,000-mile diet - feasting on the harvest from seeds which have been blasted into outerspace

August: Desire
> You can't always get what you want - the perfect fairy tale wedding at Tokyo's St. Grace Cathedral
> Mies remixed - being content with less
> She got bling - from hooker to looker: Barbie's ascent to stardom
> The Life List - does it work? (one case where it did)

September: Flow
> Motion capture: the mastery of NY-based French artist WK Interact
> Moving masses: managing pedestrian traffic in retail
> Good vibrations: feng shui and balancing energy for health and wealth
> Moon Festival: Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes and 3,000 years of tradition

October: Connection
> Paper Scissors Rock: getting inspired in graphic design, fashion & architecture
> Geek Love: drawing obsessions with music, fashion, art and design together via collectable toys
> IZAt: a stylish temporary shelter by Tokolo Asao & Imakita Hitoshi
> Not-so-secret liaisons: the PostSecret phenomena